with the advantage of strong transportation system, AZUS has expanded its sales network to west coast India. This company owns bulk fleets up to 6500 MT and multitude of trucks in India.

In addition AZUS has bulk bitumen storage facilities at various ports

  1. Karwar Port – 5000 MT Capacity
  2. Mumbai Port (BPT) – 6000 MT Capacity
  3. Mabdala Port – 3500 MT Capacity
  4. Mangalore Port – 5000 MT Capacity

AZUS is producing its products through fully automatic and latest technology imported machinery, besides products are tested by Civil Aid Technology in Bangalore and other recognized Lab.

AZUS build impressive sales network in many regions India. This network has been levered into regional organization, directly accountable to customers they serve and completely focused on delivering superior value. This company fully recognized the importance of ensuring full compliance with all the relevant legislation for the protection of environment and all due care taken for the same.